dsh / bastard

A really bad PHP framework.



We are version 0.2 and we still don't care.

This is a PHP web framework. It is extremely, loosely MVC in nature. Basically understand how the URL is parsed, and design your application. We don't care how you do it.


  • PHP 5.4

That's it.


Everything is passed through the URL. With this idea, we think of the MVC and disect a URL.


The index.php file is designed to associate what ever the view may be with the appropriate file in the /views directory. Let's imagine that we have products that are being sold. This product obviously has a name, and absolutely would have a SKU associated with it. Let's see an example of using each to display a specific product on a web page.


And with a SKU:


This would look for the /views/products.php file which will contain all of the code necessary to use the corresponding Products controller. This controller, in turn, will call to the database and perform what ever task is needed of it.

This is a really extensible, flexible, light, and open framework. Its really ugly and people are going to hate it. It will work, but it will be dirty. It's a bastard.


Start the PHP server in the root directory and check out the demo page.

$ php -S localhost:8080

Now we can direct our browser to http://localhost:8080/demo and start passing parameters. Neat.